Salvation - Strait & Narrow (audio download)

Salvation - Strait & Narrow (audio download)
Brand: Open Vision Media
Product Code: 1509SN-OVDN
Author: J. L. Wallace, Mark Bullen
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A definitive look at Biblical Salvation. The ways of God are infinitely wise, yet man willingly confuses and makes ambiguous plain teachings of Scripture to suit his own destructive predilections. This is nowhere more evident than in the doctrine of Salvation. In this book God's Ways are proven to align with common sense. The subject is explained simply, understandably, and sensibly through elucidation of God's Word.            

This is a downloadable product of Open Vision Media's unabridged production of Salvation - Strait & Narrow, written by Mark Q. Bullen.


This is a downloadable zip file containing mp3 files of Salvation - Strait & Narrow.  Access on a variety of devices.  Please see your audio player documentation for instructions on installation and playing.  No DRM.  Please acknowledge copyright.


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