John Fletcher

John Fletcher

Apprehending Truth Publishers is pleased to have John Fletcher (Jean Guillaume de la Fléchère) among its Heritage of Truth authors.



John Fletcher was a key interpreter of Wesleyan theology in the 18th century, and one of Methodism's first great theologians. Flecher as well known for his piety and generosity.

Born: 12 September 1729
Place: Nyon, Switzerland
Died: 14 August 1785 (aged 55)
Place: Madeley, Shropshire
Buried: St. Michael's Churchyard, Madeley, Shropshire, England
Title: Vicar of Madeley, Shropshire

Quote: Controversy, though not desirable in itself, yet, properly managed, has a hundred times rescued truth, groaning under the lash of triumphant error.

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