Christian Theology

Christian Theology
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Author: Adam Clarke
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Elucidations upon: The Scriptures, God, Christ, The Holy Spirit, The Trinity, Man, Repentance, Faith, Justification, Regeneration, Entire Sanctification, Prayer, Praise, The Church, Baptism, Apostasy, Death, Judgment, Heaven, Hell and more.

Adam Clarke, the renowned commentator, brings us this tome on the foundational principles and precepts of the Word of God. CHRISTIAN THEOLOGY is a magnum opus of a systematic approach to doctrines which are fundamental to the Christian faith.

This edition of CHRISTIAN THEOLOGY by Dr. Adam Clarke has been meticulously recreated from the 1835 edition which was edited and compiled by Samuel Dunn. The entire work has been re-typeset and formatted by Heritage of Truth Books and Apprehending Truth Publishers. This is NOT a facsimile reproduction. Contains the original subject index entries, re-paginated to match the current volume.

This book is also currently in production as an audiobook by Open Vision Media.  Check back for more details.

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