Eight Dark Riders

Eight Dark Riders
Brand: Harbinger House Books
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Author: Noah S Wallace
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"As the men walked back into his observation room, James got a good look at each one of them. He couldn’t help but look at them and their appearance; they all bore the image of horror and dread. One was dressed like a business man with a pocket watch hanging from his pocket, with a crafty and deceitful grin. One tall man had a long deep scar on his left cheek; and his eyes were as deep and mean as his scar. One was a Mexican warrior with a small earring in his right ear. The last who wobbled out, was a short stubby man who carried two pistols and he had a long mustache, but what James noticed about him was he was the one Marie had wounded; blood caked his shirt. James’ eyes were bloodshot with tears, he watched in horror as they tore apart his home. They looted his father’s library and his desk; cursing and swearing as they went. They plundered his mother’s china, and found his father’s money stash, hidden behind a loose stone in the fireplace mantle. The kitchen was ransacked; and the bedrooms were pillaged."A grueling memory that our ‘Fast James’ had to live with, one he carried with him till his dying day. Follow James Cassidy as he chases eight outlaws, only to find out that the eighth is his loyal friend. As he scouts and hunts for the assassins, with his Indian brother, Hiawatha. As he learns how, in love for the righteous, to hate the wicked and bring them to justice. This story is not only a story of revenge, it’s a story of how God uses men to take out his wrath in the world. And James Cassidy as an instrument of God does just that. Eight Dark Riders’ is a mind catching, exhilarating, thrilling story. You will be engrossed deeply in this book. You will be encouraged by his firm faith in God, and his wonderful protection.

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