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The Ageless Conflict
A battle has been raging since the beginning of time. This battle between the kingdom of light and t..
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Antinomianism and the Gospel
"The Bible is clear that those who are not under Christ's authority and led by the Spirit are still ..
Building on Bedrock
Come, walk with me in the past, and let’s see what really happened in the First Century.  I a..
Conquering The Wilderness: Enduring and Overcoming in the Christian Race of Faith
This book deals with surviving and overcoming wilderness experiences in the Christian life. By wilde..
Did Jesus Correct Moses?
New Expanded Edition.   Nearly 250 new pages of evidences defending the veracity of ALL of G..
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God's Crucible: Life in a Biblical Church
God's Crucible: Life in a Biblical Church The Church is the Bride of Christ.  It is His spir..
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Resist Not Evil???
It seems people have the idea that God’s ways must go completely contrary to man’s reason in order t..
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Salvation - Strait & Narrow
A definitive look at Biblical Salvation. The ways of God are infinitely wise, yet man willingly c..
The Alien Exposed
It is a foregone conclusion that certain groups of Christians, known collectively as Anabaptists, we..
The Way to Life: Understanding the Gospel Message
The Way to Life: Understanding the Gospel Message The final preparation for Christ before he appe..
What the Bible Really Teaches About Divorce and Remarriage
- Do you realize that Jesus was the Word of God in the flesh; and that the Old Testament Scriptures ..
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