Beyond Humiliation - The Way of the Cross (Audio CD)

Beyond Humiliation - The Way of the Cross (Audio CD)
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An examination of the practical application of the cross in a believer's life. A call to selflessness and the true Christian life.

In “Beyond Humiliation,” J. Gregory Mantle takes us on a journey of self-examination, questioning our lives and our devotion to He who died for us.  Our refusal to take up the cross is testimony to our disinterest in the sufferings of our Savior.  Are we content to meditate on His cross while we ourselves heft not our own?  Can we take comfort in His cross, while ours is unburdensome?  Do we recognize the necessity or have we any such notion of our own cross, or what that even means?  How can we be His disciples if we avoid His cup, baptism and cross?  The simple answer is, we cannot. 

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