The Adventures of Sir Constant (Audio CD)

The Adventures of Sir Constant (Audio CD)
Brand: Open Vision Media
Product Code: 1508SC-OVCD
Author: J. L. Wallace, W. E. Cule
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Sir Constant, a young squire, having seen the Vision, is knighted into the royal service of the Great King and begins his journey along the Splendid way.  In his pursuit he battles the subtle deceptions of the Black Knight, struggles in the snares of the Whisperer, Master Envy, tangles with the enchantments of the Grey Questioner, and experiences many other adventures.  Along the way he learns the lessons of knighthood in his ever diligent and constant quest of the City of the Great King.

This is a 4 CD set of Open Vision Media's unabridged production of this timeless Christian Classic.

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