New Testament Holiness

New Testament Holiness
Brand: Heritage of Truth Books
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Author: Thomas Cook
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New Testament Holiness by Thomas Cook

Some assert that the doctrine of entire extirpation of sin from the heart puts the soul beyond real temptation. "There can be no real temptation," they say, "to a soul which has nothing in its nature responsive to solicitations to sin." But such an assumption is much too broad. It renders angels in probation, Adam in Eden, and our Lord Himself, incapable of real temptation. But the fact that some angels fell, that Adam sinned, and that Jesus Christ "was in all points tempted as we are," should be sufficient proof that holy souls are capable of temptation.

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Format: Paperback
Pages 184
Year 2012
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Author: Thomas Cook
Publisher: Heritage of Truth Books
Product Size: 8.5 x 5.5
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