Resist Not Evil???

Resist Not Evil???
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Author: Mark Bullen
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It seems people have the idea that God’s ways must go completely contrary to man’s reason in order to be divine and wonderful. Is it possible that God made man in His own image so we could understand and admire His wisdom and ways? God’s ways are indeed contrary to selfishness, but not to true concepts of justice, mercy, and righteousness. In order to find God’s truth on any subject, we must first flush all our personal feelings and prejudice on the subject. Next, we must decide to go wherever truth will take us, without first checking to see if we approve of the destination. If we must know where truth will take us before we get on for the ride, then we really don’t want truth, but only our own security, ideas, and our “ism” . If we want God’s truth above all else, then we will let God’s Word say what it says and love it, no matter where it takes us or what the cost.

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