The Call to Christian Perfection

The Call to Christian Perfection
Brand: Heritage of Truth Books
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Series: The Essential Samuel Chadwick
Author: Samuel Chadwick
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What is Christian Perfection? Why are so many professing Christians afraid of the doctrine? Why is the idea so vehemently resisted? These answers and more are found in Samuel Chadwick's “The Call to Christian Perfection”. “Christian Perfection,” says Chadwick, “is not infallibility.” And neither is it encompassed in the dissolution of our physical existence. Is moral perfection possible in this life? Chadwick's presentation to the affirmative is contained in these pages. Based on John Wesley's teachings on entire sanctification, “The Call to Christian Perfection” examines the Biblical basis of the doctrine. The reality of entire sanctification is only realized through crises in which the soul cries out to be conformed to the image of Christ, and the experience is as much a crises as conversion itself. Without holiness, says the Scriptures, “no man shall see the Lord.” This being so, it is vitally important that we rightly and Biblically define “holiness”. To the shame of the professing church, much of it is content in their “less than perfect” state, actually defending their spots and wrinkles, casting the blame for their worldly imperfection upon their domineering flesh, or even on God Himself. “It is a tragedy when 'holiness' people are not holy people.”

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ISBN 978-0615846194
Format: Paperback
Pages 122
Year 2013
Series: The Essential Samuel Chadwick
Volume: 2
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Author: Samuel Chadwick
Publisher: Heritage of Truth Books
ISBN-10 / ISBN-13: 061584619X / 978-0615846194
Product Size: 8 x 5 x 0.3 inches
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