The Path of Prayer

The Path of Prayer
Brand: Heritage of Truth Books
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Series: The Essential Samuel Chadwick
Author: Samuel Chadwick
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What is prayer?  How do we apprehend communion with God?  In “The Path of Prayer” Chadwick leads us on an excursion into the depths of prayer.  We are admonished not to simply learn to say our prayers, but to pray our prayers.  Expressing the heart and character of God as revealed in Scripture, Chadwick teaches us the overwhelming necessity of a proper attitude of heart when approaching the Throne of Grace.  By Biblical example and precept prayer is defined and explained.  Prayer begins with the contemplation of God, and this we are compelled to do.   Sincere contemplation of God, His majesty, His ability, His relationship with mankind, His ineffable benevolence, will have a profound effect on the soul, and can in no wise leave a man the same as he entered into the secret chamber.

“All true prayer, the prayer that prevails, is personal, intimate, and original.”

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Product Info
ISBN 978-0615850290
Format: Paperback
Pages 132
Year 2013
Series: The Essential Samuel Chadwick
Volume: 3
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Author: Samuel Chadwick
Publisher: Heritage of Truth Books
ISBN-10 / ISBN-13: 0615850294 / 978-0615850290
Product Size: 8 x 5 x 0.3 inches
Ship Wt.: 7 ounces

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