Building on Bedrock

Building on Bedrock
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Author: Mark Bullen
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Come, walk with me in the past, and let’s see what really happened in the First Century.  I am convinced that if people would honestly pay attention to the proper order and context of the events of the first century, as given to us in the New Testament Scriptures, they would be delivered from much false teaching.  By examining, studying, and knowing the original, we can identify the counterfeits.

The most effective method of exposing the lies of the serpent is to display clearly the Truth.  The more truth you know, the better you will recognize the error.  When you become thoroughly acquainted with the genuine, you will be quick to spot the spurious.  Tuning your senses to know the original will more easily manifest the counterfeit.  With this confidence, let us re-examine the Faith and Practice of the First Century; for it is the “early church” that really matters.  Unless we are contending for THE FAITH once delivered to the saints in the first century, we are not building on THE ROCK, but on shifting sand.  God’s Pattern for today’s churches was established by the Apostles in the first century, and there is NO OTHER PATTERN.  “Other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ.”  THE FAITH established by the Apostles of Christ in the First Century is the Bedrock of ALL Faithful Churches.

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